AVI's services are based on our skills and expertise in hydrogeologic understanding, problem solving, and presentation.  We apply these skills to water, environmental, mining, and other related hydrogeologic applications.

Services differ from products primarily in their project uniqueness and specificity. Most services are priced from our T&M Rates.  However, clients have found that AVI's has standardized many services into fixed cost products that may suite your needs (see link to the right).  So be sure to check a few of those out, and email us with questions so we can help put you on track. 

Keep in mind that the value of AVI's services cannot be measured by its rates, but rather only on the returns.  As the famous story of Picasso's 3 minute painting, the value was not the 3 minutes it took to create, but rather the lifetime of work required to produce it.  As our references and publications suggest, our acquired skills and character give our clients exceptional value.  

We guarantee that you will get what you expect or you won't be charged.  It's that simple. We stand by what we promise and the work produced.

  Data Management

Decision Analysis

Electronic Reports

Fate & Transport

Fixed Cost Products

Geophysical Testing

Litigation Support

Mapping & Data Presentation

Mining Support

Monitoring Optimization

Net Benefit Analysis

Parameter Derivations

Portfolio Management

Remediation Optimization

Remediation Testing

Risk Assessment

Solar Power

Strategic Advising

Site Conceptual Models

Technical Training