Net Benefit Analysis

In recent years, many people have begun to recognize that not all cleanup actions have a net environmental benefit.  AVI has been doing these analyses for many years, and these themes are imbedded in the ASTM LNAPL Guide (E-2531-06).

Fundamentally, most environmental cleanup actions require use of various resources.  When the sum of all these costs outweigh the benefit of those cleanup actions, then there is no net benefit and the action is creating environmental damages.

Benefits to cleanup actions may include restoration of a water resource, protection of people & sensitive environmental receptors, aesthetic improvements to a site, and others.

Costs to cleanup actions may include use of various materials, generation of a new carbon footprint, energy use, business impairments, water use, and others.

Net environmental benefit analysis helps to quantify or qualitatively assess whether certain cleanup or management actions have a net benefit.  Actions that have no net benefit must be considered to be damaging to the environment.  More damaging than the contamination the action is meant to address.  It is generally impracticable to execute site management actions that have no net benefit.

Contact AVI for more details and examples of our applied approaches for determining the net benefit of any particular set of site actions.  We can help both in the determination, but the communication and consensus typically needed from stakeholders