Technical Training

For years AVI has been providing technical training to industry, regulatory agencies, and consultants.   Our training has focused on a variety of technical subjects related to multiphase and multi-component mechanics.  These attributes control the way in which chemical oils move as a free-phase, and how they partition into water & vapor for subsequent transport in the environment.

There are tons of details, but AVI strive to hit the big picture elements in our trainings.  For instance, pointing out why free product thickness in wells is a poor indicator of anything important from a management point of view.  Or why certain remediation techniques are doomed to failure before they begin.  By providing sound technical background to a variety of observations, AVI can help you to gain better insight into groundwater and contaminant challenges.

If you believe your environmental or water management challenges could use additional insight, perhaps one of our training sessions would be perfect.  Call us; we can customize a variety of technical subjects for your company's advancement.  Some example seminars are as follows:

1. How to use & limitations of the API LNAPL tools

2. NAPL basics: mechanics & observations

3. Fate & transport from NAPL sources

4. Remedition mechanisms & targeting