Site Conceptual Models

An SCM is the foundation for site management and decision-making.  It embodies the general setting, receptors, contaminant & plume characteristics, hydrology, and other linked management facets.  It should also account for potential changing conditions through time.

AVI has a long history of building validated site conceptual models.  In the field of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs), there have been pervasive misconceptions about the probable distributions of NAPL in the ground.  These misconceptions lead to poor conceptual models with no predictive of management value.

G.D. Beckett of AVI chaired the ASTM work group and was a primary author of the Guide titled: Standard Guide for Development of Conceptual Site Models and Remediation Strategies for Light Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids Released to the Subsurface.  Site conceptual model building is one of our core technical services, and AVI passed on much of its learning and techniques to this ASTM Guide.  But, the application of these methods requires skill and understanding, both of which you'll find here at AVI. 

In the majority of cases we have assisted, our site conceptual model building efforts has significantly changed management understanding and the course of environmental actions.  Quite simply, antiquated understanding of the subsurface and of NAPLs has generated a glut of poorly conceived site models, something that our efforts can address.  If one does not know what the "patient" looks like or the symptoms, how could one make a sensible diagnosis?  Our SCM services have often recognized potential liabilities there were unknown previously, and can now be addressed and managed.   Likewise, the SCMs often point out that only a limited area of concern exists, and more optimal management approaches can be defined to directly address risk and liability-driven areas.

If your SCM is not answering your fundamental questions, then AVI can help.  Questions like: a) Where are my specific risks located? b) How long will cleanup take? c) What cleanup sequence will best meet my business goals? d) What does done look like & how will I know that a management phase is complete? e) Does my cleanup have a net environmental benefit?  AVI's extensive experience in building compelling and valid SCMs will help you better manage risk and liability at your large-scale sites.