Strategic Advising

AVI has a long history of advising clients on strategy options for large-scale sites or portfolios of sites.  To us, strategy means considering the pros & cons of particular sets of decisions, and thinking about long-term ramifications of a changing world.  What exists today will certainly change tomorrow; property uses change, product demand changes, communities grow, plumes decay, etc.  The key is anticipating those changes, and how they might affect site management, spending, and liability control.

Ideal strategies are those that have flexibility, control liability and risk, maximize the environmental value of actions taken, and optimize costs.  Strategies that fit environmental requirements with business and community needs are more likely to work over the long-term.  Exit strategies, or defining what "done" looks like are of great value and are often missing in environmental planning.

As shown schematically to the right, there are many considerations in developing a sound environmental strategy.  There are typically many stakeholders and drivers.  And there is also a fundamental division between strategies that need to address a real risk or liability, versus those that are part of an ongoing housekeeping and management effort where there are no risks.