Mining Support Services

Mining companies face a wide range of ever-changing environmental and technical challenges that cannot be solved using yesterday's thinking. Permitting challenges, water quality challenges, water disposal challenges, water supply challenges, mine restoration challenges, resource development challenges, public relations challenges - just to name a few (ok, maybe more than a few). The resulting array of environmental and technical challenges is unique to each mine site and jurisdiction, and can only be solved efficiently by people who have "been there and done that". Fortunately for our mining clients, AVI has precisely the experience and expertise necessary to help solve problems arising over the mine lifecycle, from pre-feasibility to mine closure.

AVI's staff has experience supporting mining clients involved in the extraction of precious metals, uranium, base metals, rare earth elements, coal, and gravel/aggregate building materials. We take pride in providing our mining clients a wide range of water-related technical services, including:

Groundwater flow, transport, and geochemical modeling in support of operations, restoration, and closure
In-Situ Recovery (ISR) wellfield design, restoration, and water quality evaluation
Mine water supply investigation
Baseline hydrology and aquifer testing
Baseline water quality evaluation
Mine water management
Aqueous geochemistry and mineralogy
Cumulative hydrologic impact assessment
Tailings dewatering and leakage evaluation
Pit dewatering design
Pit lake filling, water quality, and geochemistry evaluation
Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) investigation and remediation

While we have the technical firepower to handle the most demanding water-related technical challenge independently, we are most comfortable working as partners with our clients who possess their own highly qualified technical and management staff. Together, complex problems become temporary challenges with cost-effective solutions.