Portfolio Management

It is a challenging task to apply a limited pool of resources (money and people) to manage a portfolio of environmental sites with a goal of decreasing risk and liability. AVI has helped a number of our clients prioritize sites and maximize the resources put towards these sites.

As a regulator or an environmental manager in charge of multiple cases, your goal is to reduce risk and liability as efficiently and effectively as possible. In order to make informed decisions, you need to understand your population of sites with regard to a number of environmental and geographic characteristics.

In doing this work, we have observed some interesting outcomes.  For instance, any individual manager has their priority sites.  But, when one looks at portfolio-wide considerations, we often find that those priorities are misplaced in the broader context.  Some geographies and settings simply present much higher overall risks & liabilities, and others the opposite.  Sorting through all this is the power and utility of portfolio management approaches.

There is a myriad of other useful information that can be quickly compiled and maintained for management purposes.  Site and area spending, site phase, time on the books, onsite/offsite plume identification, receptor characteristics, zoning, population density & nature, etc.  These approaches allow foresight instead of reaction, and allow our clients to proactively manage these properties.

If you believe your portfolio spending is not tuned, or that liabilities seem to creep up without warning, AVI can help.  As with so many other things, a smart optimized portfolio program will provide you with the necessary management information, but will not provide extraneous or non-useful information.