Have you ever felt like too many trees have given their lives in the name of technical reporting?  Have any of your engineering or science reports ever really been read in full by anyone except the authors and peer reviewers?  Have you or your readers ever been annoyed at having to flip-flop through hundreds of pages, appendices, and figures to put statements and data visually together? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need electronic documents.  They take up little space.  Text, graphics, and data are dynamically linked within the document so each reader can transport themselves to the areas of interest & ignore the rest (which they do anyway).

AVI has developed skills in electronic document production, especially including graphical data presentations and animation, that will save trees, time, & cost.  Further, the document will be more accessible to your required readers and sections or the complete document can be printed as needed without alteration of formatting that is important to the document.  Give it a try, and hug the tree you saved while your bean counter hugs you for the cost savings.

If you're interested, click on any of the examples to the right for a drive through!



Vapor Extraction Cleanup

Capillary Curve Fit