AQUI-VER, INC. (AVI) was created to address business, environmental and community issues using scientifically rigorous geology, hydraulics, physics and chemistry.  Aquifer means "water bearing" from its Latin roots and represents the entity and resource so closely tied to our work.  Substituting "ver" means "water truth", reflecting the accuracy and rigor we bring to our area of specialization.

AVI specializes in managing and maximally utilizing technical data from a variety of scientific and engineering fields.  Peruse our site to see how the scientific process can answer real-world questions about property management, resources, contamination, risk, liability and cost optimization.  Unlike some consulting groups that need an ongoing work backlog to sustain their infrastructure, our small size allows us to be completely detached from the majority of project spending, freeing us to aggressively question and conserve costs.  It is an unfortunate reality in our field that many of the costs sustained by businesses and communities have very little return on that investment.  AVI strives to fix that, it is our reason for being.

To draw a parallel to the medical field, a high quality diagnosis is generally what leads to a high quality prognosis. A poor diagnosis will rarely lead to a good cure. The parallel in hydrogeologic projects is the use of state-of-the-science approaches to evaluate data and conditions to accurate opinions. We find solutions for our clients through focus, efficiency, skills and knowledge


Scientific quantification may not always tell you what is right, but it sure the heck will tell you what is wrong!  The power is both in the process and the answers generated.  Flexible thinking is the key element to successful solutions.

AVI's goal is to manage, understand and communicate complex scientific and engineering information within and beyond the water resources and environmental spectrum.  By applying rigorous and defensible science, we create predictive and interactive products that assist in managing environmental issues.  AVI specializes in computing technologies which allow information management and spatial analysis tools to be applied in a virtual real-time environment. We develop interactive tools to allow clients to make informed technical decisions having social and economic impacts. 


AVI was founded in 1992 by G.D. Beckett, and incorporated as a Chapter C corporation in the State of California in early 1994.  We are presently a Utah-based Corporation, with our main office in Park City.

The company was created to meet a need for predictive application of science for groundwater and environmental applications.   AVI's services include lab and field data collection, data management and manipulation and groundwater/environmental modeling.  We are focused on providing demonstrable economic value from applied sciences.  It is in the technical details that this value to businesses and communities may be found. 

AVI has a long history of technical publishing and conducting training courses nationally and beyond.  While our work is of the highest technical caliber, our ability to communicate that work to lay audiences is one of our strongest assets.  Solving technical problems is of little value if those solutions cannot be communicated and acted upon in simple pragmatic ways.